Write Through Chicago

Learn About a City by Writing About a City

by Mark Henry Larson & Bob Boone

Write Through Chicago offers both teachers and students a unique opportunity to connect with Chicago and its remarkable history. Young writers will mourn at Lincoln’s Chicago Funeral, marvel at the Columbian Exposition, gather with the crowd at the Haymarket Riot, drive to Riverview Amusement Park, chomp down on the first McDonald’s Burger, and celebrate at Grant Park as Barack Obama delivers his presidential acceptance speech. They’ll craft a wide range of written forms, from stories and poems to polemics, monologues, diaries, letters and more. All Write Through Chicago writing activities align to NCTE & Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and are supported by a website that provides students with ready access to specifically selected research materials. This unique design leaves teachers free to concentrate on helping students truly “learn about a city by writing about a city.”

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Publication Date: 21 September 2013

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