Violets and Other Tales

by Alice Ruth Moore Dunbar NelsonAmika Press Classics

“Love, most potent, most tyrannical, and most gentle of the passions which sway the human mind, thou art the invisible agency which rules mens’ souls, which governs mens’ kingdoms, which controls the universe.”

A writer of exceptional sensitivity and skill, twenty-year-old Alice Ruth Moore burst onto the New Orleans literary scene in 1895 with her first book, Violets and Other Tales. The collection of poems, stories, and essays attracted widespread acclaim. Much of the writing exhibits a Victorian romance and narrative eloquence. Yet with incisive wit, tacit defiance, and open experimentation, Violets and Other Tales also anticipates literary modernism.

Later renowned as Alice Dunbar Nelson, she was married thrice and engaged in lesbian affairs. Her mixed heritage of Black, Creole, European, and Native American gave her a broad perspective on race. She gained prominence as a poet, storywriter, journalist, editor, and political activist. Throughout her life, she traveled across the country lecturing in support of African Americans’ and women’s rights.

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