Unremembered Book 2

Actors, Artists, Entertainers & Influencers

by Ken Zurski

At the outset of the twentieth century, aspiring painters, sculptors, and photographers converge on Paris, the center of the art world, to hone their craft, while in New York and London theater managers and popular actors of the day present the latest stage productions to enthusiastic crowds. Meanwhile, the prospects of war in Europe loom menacingly just over the horizon. Like other enterprises, the future of the entertainment industry, while thriving, braces for the impact of a conflict that will eventually affect both sides of the Atlantic.

It’s against this uncertain backdrop that Ken Zurski, author of the award-winning Unremembered, provides another fascinating look at once-famous people that are now mostly forgotten by time. From influential theater-types to groundbreaking artists to far-reaching visionaries, this new collection of Unremembered tells a story of connections and consequences that once again reminds us that the people we meet and the friendships we keep not only change lives, but history as well.

Mrs. Pat Campbell
Kathleen Bruce Scott
Isadora Duncan
Edward Steichen
Loie Fuller
Sada Yacco
Charles Frohman
George Kessler
Charles Klein
Maud Allan
Edward M. House
Pauline Chase
David Belasco
Maude Adams
Mary Garden
Ellen Terry
James M. Barrie
Harry Gordon Selfridge
Gaby Deslys
Mary Desti
Rita Jolivet
Felix Nadar
Oscar Hammerstein I
Justus Miles Forman

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Page Count: 264

Publication Date: 19 September 2022

ISBN-10: 1956872116 paperback, 1956872531 hardcover

ISBN-13: 978-1956872118 paperback, 978-1956872538 hardcover