Rig Veda Americanus

Sacred Songs of the Ancient Mexicans

by Daniel G Brinton; Amika Press Classics

The classic collection of Aztec hymns with extensive notes and a gloss in Nahuatl.

From the preface & foreword: “The desirability of preserving and publishing these texts seems to me to be manifest. They reveal to us the undoubtedly authentic spirit of the ancient religion; they show us the language in its most archaic form; they preserve references to various mythical cycli of importance to the historian; and they illustrate the alterations in the spoken tongue adopted in the esoteric dialect of the priesthood. Such considerations will, I trust, attract the attention of scholars to these fragments of a lost literature.…

“We owe its preservation to the untiring industry of Father Bernardino de Sahagun, one of the earliest missionaries to Mexico, and the author of by far the most important work on the religion, manners and customs of the ancient Mexicans.

“By long residence and close application Sahagun acquired a complete mastery of the Nahuatl tongue. He composed his celebrated Historia de las Cosas de la Nueva España primarily in the native language, and from this original wrote out a Spanish translation, in some parts considerably abbreviated. This incomplete reproduction is that which was published in Spanish by Lord Kingsborough & Bustamente, and in a French rendering with useful notes by Dr. Jourdanet and M. Rémi Simeon.”

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Page Count: 88

Publication Date: 22 February 2022

ISBN-10: 1956872035

ISBN-13: 978-1956872033