Everything Solid has a Shadow

by Michael Antman

Charlie Alessandro is a musician and a marketing executive who ought to be happily satisfied. He is successful in his career, involved with a sleek and confident woman, and enjoying a fulfilling creative outlet with his guitar. Yet his seemingly complete life is troubled at every turn by something dark that happened to him when he was very young. Everything Solid has a Shadow is an intricately plotted novel driven by two intertwined mysteries—his investigation of that long-ago occurrence and the mysterious apparition of a woman he barely knows who invades his brain as he sleeps. Charlie’s journey into these two mysteries, his relationship with three beautiful young women in his life, and the very surprising resolution, make for an eerie and absorbing tale.

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SRP: $15.95 paperback, $22.95 hardcover

Page Count: 284

Publication Date: 9 August 2017

ISBN-10: 1937484572 paperback, 1956872051 hardcover

ISBN-13: 978-1937484576 paperback, 978-1956872057 hardcover