Called Out

A novel of base ball and America in 1908

by Floyd Sullivan

As 1907 becomes 1908, National Base Ball League President Harry Pulliam suspects that the owner of the New York Giants has hired detectives to spy on him and his lover, Ted Russell, with the goal of blackmailing him. The pressure tests the strength of his relationship and his ability to administer his league duties.

Lenore Caylor, Pulliam’s new stenographer, falls in love with him and becomes his staunchest champion as he fights to preserve the honor of professional base ball and the National League. Near the end of the season, one of the most bizarre in base ball history, controversial, game-changing calls result in violent protests, riots, and death. The survival of the national pastime hangs in the balance, as do Pulliam’s relationships with Ted and Lenore—and, indeed, his own life.

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SRP: $15.95

Page Count: 364

Publication Date: 12 May 2017

ISBN-10: 1937484513

ISBN-13: 978-1937484514